I started seriously cycling during my time in Surabaya and continued when going to China, to the point in Changzhou, I cycled every day to work and back. Since coming to Singapore, I started with good intentions, but in the last two years my bike has been parked. This is my attempt to get back onto my bike and start pedalling.


I cycled for 29.59 KM on the 27th May 2017. Miscalculation in the route today! Average speed 21.0 KPH. Getting faster!


I cycled for 38.02 KM on the 20th May 2007. Trying to increase the distance each time! Average speed 20.6 KPH.


I cycled for 34.50 KM on the 1st May 2017. First time on the new road around the airport.


I cycled for 27.24 KM on the 18th March 2017