“21st century learning skills” are the skills that today’s students will need to be successful in this ever changing world. The most recognizable of these skills are the 4C’s: communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

However, 21st century skills also include social and emotional intelligence, technological literacy and problem solving abilities. These skills emphasize “application of knowledge” and go beyond rote memorization. Now more than ever employers are putting an emphasis on these skills as students are entering the workforce ill prepared. These skills are becoming an important aspect of the K-12 curriculum.

The development of 21st century skills begins in primary school and progresses up through secondary school. The need for 21st century skills has spurred the integration of technology along with the emphasis on STEAM and inquiry in the classroom.

These concepts help students develop the higher thinking skills that universities and employers are looking for. The education industry is changing and placing greater importance on preparing students for the real world, which is why 21st century skills are more important than ever.