Design Thinking in Education

Does this not describe individualised learning and the direction we want education to go in the 21st century?

Teaching By Design

When it comes to academic performance, parents and administrators have long focused on curriculum design and teacher quality. While there’s no denying that curriculum design and teacher quality are vitally important, this focus overlooks the importance of educational infrastructure towards academic achievement. Academic buildings must be intentionally designed to inspire, nurture, and educate children in…

What Zone are you in?

What are the Zones of Regulation? Being an international educator for the past twenty years, I have come across a multitude of behaviour policies and practices. In saying that I have been very fortunate to work in schools in which generally they don’t need these policies and practices and where a monitoring system (behaviour chart)…

Breakout breaks the learning mould

Breakout breaks the learning mold! If you have teenage children and live in a country that has a “break out” escape room, I am sure you have been asked, “can I go??” I certainly have and I said yes and wondered what the attraction of escaping from a room could possibly be! The main fun…

The need for more play in school

Important qualities such as patience, compromise, creativity, focus, critical thinking, problem solving, determination, resilience, and resourcefulness, to name a few, are developed through play.

Does homework work?

As we sit with our children helping them on their nightly route of homework, does it cross your mind; does this actually help my child learn more?

Mindfulness in School

“studies have shown the potential benefits of mindfulness practices for students’ physical health, psychological well-being, social skills, academic performance, and more.”